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This project started in Portland, OR, when Karen saw a boxy Jamboree RV parked in front of a red brick building. As the owner of a fiberglass camping trailer, she found the idea of a ready-to-go, all-in-one unit captivating. Soon after, she would only photograph RVs she came across in her daily travels. Her compositions attempt to highlight the synergetic relationship between the foreground and background. While these recreational vehicles were built for fun and travel, many are semi-permanent fixtures on the streets in the neighborhoods where we live.

(This gallery is temporarily offline. )

Opening was: Saturday, Feb. 7th, 7-9:30PM | Hermosa Salon | 2703 College Ave. Berkeley, CA

Purchases available at Hermosa:

Original mounted prints (available @ end of show) $75

Original unmounted 12"x12" prints, made to order $50

Limited edition exhibit poster of all 50 RVs (below): $25

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